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Little Hands

door killea

Sculpting in stone is my latest thing
A wonderful hobby for me
And To my surprise I was good at it
Like writing, it sets one free
It clears your head whilst you work
Creating something out of stone
Scraping, filing, chipping away
Until it takes on a form of its own
Sanding the stone until it is smooth
And your fingers ache to the bone
Oblivious to the dust and surroundings
Just focused on the stone
Then a special wax is used
To make the sculpture shine
And I'm bursting with much pride and joy
At this beautiful creation of mine.

Now I don't know if I can do it again
I bought another stone, you see
That was a couple of weeks ago
Before I saw the documentary
On Europe's fine imported stones
From quarries in eastern lands
Measured, shaped, chipped and schlepped
By precious little hands
Some of them as young as six
Sold by their desperate parents
To make smooth tiles with their little picks
Or slabs, cobble, pebbles or bricks
And others are born in desolation
Within the quarry grounds
Born to a life of exploitation
Abuse of children knows no bounds.

We all know little hands are worked
In other places too
To manufacture carpets, or jewellery
Or an expensive designer shoe
And quarries are just other scenarios
Where little hands are used
Sad little children…
A cheap commodity, enslaved and abused
My new rough stone comes from there too
I have it written in black and white
And although I wish I had the means
I cannot make things right
And as I write these lines, my friend
My tears are flowing free
I look at my stone waiting to be sculpted -
Little hands....are all I see.


feedback van andere lezers

  • lief
    if you use wood...but then again the rainforest would cry

    keep writing, it's cheap and it sometimes forfills whishes!

    killea: Thank you, Lief.

  • lin
    This is a poem with a message to the reader. Childabuse indeed is too terrible to think about. In your case: you didn't know about it while you bought it.
    So it turned out into two good results:
    1. Next time you will buy a "clean" stone (or search one yourself?)
    2. It made this beautiful poėm possible, didn't it?

    By the way: my husband started sculpting too recently. His first creation is really wonderful to look at and got a prominent place in our livingroom!
    I recognize the steps you describe!

    You should continue both, sculping and writing poėms!
    gr, lin
    killea: Thank you, Lin, for your kind feedback.
  • dichtduvel
    I don't know where you live in Belgium, but I know addresses where you can buy any stone you want, clean stones that have nothing to do with child labour and all, grtz, j
    killea: Thank you, Dichtduvel. I live in Holland and there is only one place I know of specifically for sculptors. Will check it out next time I am in Belgium. Thanks again. June
  • marrik
    Dear Killea

    This one is for you
    voor jou alleen
    keep sculpting
    vervorm elke steen
    give it meaning
    zoals jij dat wilt
    try to express
    het kinder misbruik
    make the diff
    geef het een naam
    but don't stop thinking
    we zijn er allen mee begaan
    you hit the nail on the head
    een kind hoort te genieten
    it doesn't have to work
    itself to death

    Respect for you


    killea: Well, thank you Marrik, appreciate your feedback.
  • lucky
    voorzichtig neig ik om te zeggen mooi stukje proza, maar zoals je weet ben ik niet thuis in het dichten in 't engels
    killea: thank you, Lucky.

  • Francis
    know the anger
    ben je daar, heb vreemd nieuws
    g Frans
    killea: thanks
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