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Compost Heap

door killea

When did my body decide it needed a hot flush
And why does my hair stand electrified
When I give it a good brush
What the hell is going on
Why are my teeth giving up the ghost
Eyes need five different pairs of glasses..
But what really bothers me most!
A couple of fingers are changing shape
My doctor said it's 'artrosis'
And that bristle that keeps growing on my chin
Is in dire need of electrolysis
I've been too proud at my age
Still walking fast, and strong
Until my hip gives out for a while
And I'm forced to hobble along
A beauty spot turned into a wart
Now started a garden of its own
My nose has gotten in on the act
With the many hairs it has grown
A freckle, I've had it for years -
Was just a sweet, wee dot
Went beserk it seems, and grew into
A big brown spot
A whole new ecosystem -
The lumps and hairs and extra bits
Whilst joints rasp and ache
It all really gives me the shits
You young ones can't imagine what it's going to be like
You shake your heads and grin
My body has turned into a compost heap
I should throw myself in the green bin!


feedback van andere lezers

  • bigietie
    im am heappy

    killea: Welcome to the club. thanks

  • marrik
    Met tranen in mijn ogen (van het lachen) gelezen.
    Zo blijkt maar dat zelfs wij na ons aards bestaan nog ergens goed voor kunnen zijn.


    killea: That makes me so happy!
  • lief
    people try to put us down!

    talking 'bout my generation, I hope I'll die before I get old...

    I used to sing this along but I'm still standing!

    killea: We're just there before the rest!
  • otiske
    ;-) super, groetjes.
    killea: Thank you.
  • Francis
    Ouder worden is waardeloos.. Ik heb ook ineens haren in mijn oren groeien. Ben over een paar dagen 44 en dit soort dingen doen mij al naar de grond ruiken! Ik ga daar niet op wachten..(lees my my hé hé)
    xx Frans
    killea: Yeah! Just when one has some fearless perspective on life, the body thinks let's give him some hair in his ears, he's done alright without them for over 40 years - let's freak him out a bit. Makes no sense at all to this compost heap. Ha! xx June
  • lucky
    krijg grijze haren van het lezen
    killea: thanks

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