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Genie and Cane Toad

door killea

Feeling slightly amorous tonight
my genie in a bottle smiles with delight
I tell him through the glass, stroke it real slow
my genie still happy, I do love him so
then I shake and not stir the bottle not removing the prop
he tumbles and screams no, no, no please stop
open my legs as wide as can be
genie stares with terror at what he can see
out you come and in you go into the dark cavity
and see if you can finally find the spot they call G
he crawls in, it tickles along the way
quite pleasant is really all I can say
then I hear his little voice cheer, as the first wave does come
finally he has found the G spot, a genie is such fun

I smell a blackmail down the road
my lover taped conversations, the wicked cane toad
laughing, he threatened to expose me to
everyone he knows, or ever knew
especially to the authors on the writehistory site
he said, they should know I was such a delight
I'll let them see, he says, another side of you soon
I told him, I would kick him to the other side of the moon
or whack him with my cricket bat or a bottle of beer
or cut off something he holds most dear
smell a blackmail on ahead
cane toad, prepare to be dead
for I will shoot you in the head
or stick you in the bottle with my genie
and believe me, he's a real meanie
oh, just forgot you are one and the same
unfortunate that, it's a crying shame
genies and toads are just so like wet soap
slippery, beautiful to look at, smell nice, I hope......


feedback van andere lezers

  • yellow
    I like the writehistory site,
    it's a moving poem June,
    especially the first part
    is warm,
    killea: thank you Marc, but it was supposed to by funny!
  • GoNo2
    Wordt er verondersteld dat we allemaal de Engelse taal meester zijn?
    Me dunkt dat het hier nog altijd een nederlandstalige site is of sla ik de bal mis?
    Nieuwe categorie: Engelstalige gedichten & Verhalen.
    killea: "writehistory" is that Nederlands? Hope there wasn't a gun pointed at your head to read me? Thank you anyway, Noel
  • miepe
    met poliglotvriendelijke geestigheid gelezen
    ja, ja, doe zo voort
    killea: Thank you so much, Miepe
  • tessy
    graag gelezen June
    killea: Thank you very much, Tessy
  • jan
    hit the bottle and shoot the moon June, this something else!

    killea: I've been on the bottle since I read my extraordinary FBs, but thanks for the most sensible advice.
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