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Genie and Cane Toad II

door killea

Surprised I was when amongst the mail
a letter so thick, envelope discreetly pale
addressed to my genie in his bottle, care of me
I showed it to him, his tongue hung out with glee
being in a bottle it was by no means easy
to hide the content of the envelope from me
pornography, ha, I should have known it
he cannot be trusted the horny little shit
fifty au pair girls playing around
his heavy breathing, a most annoying sound
pleasure equipment of the weirdest kind
a pervert in a bottle, depravity inclined
don't think I'll keep him any more
drop him in the ocean as I stroll along the shore
all excited he waves, he wants to play
well, maybe I'll keep him for another day

Now Cane Toad I see is writing in a book
he smirks and gives me his smart aleck look
pokes out his tongue, says he'll publish soon
his stories of Genie and Unplugged June
what the hell does he mean by that
we only just got over our recent spat
now he is at it all over again
the creepy sneak drives me insane
Genie shows him his sleazy porn
they both pull and tug, the pages get torn
that's it, I'm going to pull off Toady's legs
roll them in batter and beaten eggs
fry and eat them, the wicked oversized frog
feed the rest of him to the dog


feedback van andere lezers

  • Mistaker
    A very special poem!

    Greta xx
    killea: Thank you so much, Greta
  • ivo
    yeah het vertelt mij meer over june haar kijkwijzer dan over de metafoor die hangt en nagalmt alsof een beiaardier zijn beiaard temt.
    killea: ha ha, thank you Ivo (I think). will have to get translator going for the last few words and may have to get back to you!
  • drebddronefish
    Impressive as always June
    killea: Thank you so much, dddfish
  • tessy
    weerom graag gelezen June
    killea: many thanks, Tessy
  • fairy
    I like the poem, but the end is not my cup of tea: I'm a vegeterian, you know. No, I know you wouldn't do that for real. It's indeed, as Mistaker said, a very special one.

    Wendy x
    killea: It is just a poem, Wendy, I couldn't hurt a spider!
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