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Genie and Cane Toad V

door killea

On a sunny beach, drinking a mojito chilled
I first saw the photos and headlines in Bild
smiling for the camera, Genie and the slimy in-house troll
forcing me to pack and leave the Costa del Sol
the two had met up with an old friend, the story goes
had visited some of Amsterdam's notorious shows
snorting coke and drinking buckets of beer
their noses the colour of Christmas cheer
old friend, Mr. Big, took them to his bordello
hoping a little sex would make them more mellow
on the contrary, they ended up ransacking the place
uncontrollable, scaring the women, Mr. Big losing face
the man, in Amsterdam with a name to fear
called out a punishment most severe
now there's a price on the head of these two
a three-day hangover and they haven't a clue
found them unconscious on the lounge-room floor
red and black bra hanging on knob of the door
Genie dressed in one shoe, otherwise not a thread
Cane Toad, in suspended animation, a condom over his head

I put you in charge you irresponsible, bloody creep
I shouted at Toad when he awoke from his alcohol induced sleep
he mumbled something and opened one eye
groaned, held his head and gave a deep sigh
rolled on his back and said just let me die
you'll die soon enough, there's a price on your head
you insulted Mr. Big, now you've made your bed
lie in it you must, and Genie too
I have had enough of the both of you
hearing this, I swear he turned pale
like the time I refused to bail him out of jail
can you help us Mistress, Mr. Big is so unforgiving
he squeezed out a tear as his mind was reliving
the events of their unbelievable misbehaviour
now I had to step up and be their saviour
I said I would pull some strings and have a word
but it certainly wasn't the last he and Genie heard
and only if promised they give up drugs, women and booze
it's one thing or the other, I said, you choose
he swore by everything holy he would refrain
the liar didn't notice I saw he'd crossed all his fingers again


feedback van andere lezers

  • martine
    straks nog effe rustig herlezen
    vakantie - alcohol - drugsverhaal en het beloven nooit meer
    liefs martine
    killea: Thank you Martine
  • ivo
    oeps wat een verhaal van leugen overspel en wat nog allemaal .. gekruiste vingers en bedrog ... mijn engels slaat helemaal op hol maar dat allemaal in één gedicht, het is haast een roman of een of ander hekelgedicht ... ik zal het nooit weten, mijn engels is niet zo straf, het blijft toch wel mooi klinken ook al is het misschien wel wat te straf ...
    killea: thank you so much, Ivo
  • Zingendevleugel
    zeer boeiend! zo op de maandag morgen heel goed! neergezet xxx
    killea: thank you Diana
  • klaver4
    Okay, you have lived....And that definitly is something when you look at most people!
    But at some point you've got to say to yourself: fuck it, this is not where I should be or want to be; that's not my predicament, far from it!
    That's one heck of an ugly story. Certainly when I read the Fb from MR, since I presume he has some angle on this story
    killea: Sweetheart, don't go so deep. This has nothing to do with me, it is just a continuous adult fairytale, a ridiculum fabula! As for MR, he just tries to outdo me with his FB on these episodes. Fat chance! Thank you
  • jan
    you are a real mother of invention June, what a story/song/poem!

    killea: Thank you, Jan
  • tessy
    graag gelezen
    killea: Many thanks, Tessy
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