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On the wings of winds

door killea

On the wings of winds

On the wings of hot winds
you command the RAN
your medals tell your story
a leader of your men
your life of eminent glory
I cannot begin to imagine
all of what you've seen
overwhelmed by your power
the places you have been
a man who will go down
in the Navy's history
wanting me in a wedding gown
I am a no-one, nothing to compare
living in a small, rural town
trying to get somewhere
in this tiring, diverse life
I would feel honoured, Commander,
to be your loving wife
a perfect couple were your words
you make efforts to get leave
take good care until then
so I won't have to grieve…

on the wings of a warm breeze
I send you my devotion
with hope and blessings
over the wide, perilous ocean
Afghanistan so far from here
yet the daily news
brings it far too near
In my arms I'll be your balm
my dear


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Being somebody's balm
    is a great feeling
    killea: looking forward to it Andre
  • Danvoieanne
    killea: many thanks Anne
  • hettie35
    Hier bloed een hart van zorgen over een geliefde,
    velen zullen zich hierin herkennen. Maar dat is schrale troost
    die het verlangen niet stelpen.
    xxx Hettie
    killea: INdeed you are right Hettie
  • jan
    I hope for you he'll come back in one piece!
    killea: hope he'll come back at all...
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