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door killea


Blood-red hollyhocks nod into my window
received your orders, and the tickets to fly
I am not one of your men, to command
the greatest tragedy in life, is love does die
still, you haunt my tearful dreams
a soulless beast, on my love you feast
you wear your mask, to this charade
what is choice, but a precipice of nacissism
you tell me you own me emotionally
as I own you after all this time, you say
it's a back and forth, our ongoing grief
all I can reply is a feeble touché,
pack my bags, I'm on my way
the blood-red hollyhocks turn away...


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Hollyhocks... ?...
    take tickets and your socks
    run... run... to gate twenty seven
    I know she leads to heaven..
    (just do it !)

    killea: I give up, Andre
  • warket
    Feeling and dreams.....
    killea: many thanks warket
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