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Softly, softly...

door killea

Softly, softly…

Softly, softly your memory so sore
your aching heart, searching for
the I in you, in the man who only knew,
the absolute meaning, of life as two
your equilibrium full of despair
there is no simple, definable repair
grieving reality needs time to heal
the I still reticent about how you feel
and only time will tell if you recover
the I in you, ready to rediscover
that life goes on irrespective of death
until you breathe your own last breath

softly, softly from the distance you will hear
teardrops fall, a heart so near, no fear
waiting for your I to finally emerge
to let your heart once more surge
to grasp life's time with both hands
merge with the ever shifting sands
across the oceans waiting for the I in you
a chance, a love, a promise so true
though time and space will not interfere
a day, a week, a month, a year

though love is not intangible
it cannot be stored in frangible

© June Killea


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Softly, softly...
    for the I in you
    Today...a day so blue
    killea: The I in you thanks you Andre
  • Danvoieanne
    Softly, softly.....xx
    killea: many thanks Anne
  • jamal
    I like...very very well written, pure feelin'

    killea: many thanks Jamal
  • warket
    killea: Many thanks Warket
    dood me zachtjes in jou gedicht
    killea: softly, softly I thank you Chris
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