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door Vardar

It is a dark day,
The blinds of happiness are down
Though some rays of laughter still enter in my heart

The roses so much wish to grow
But they suffer from the draught
The wind carries in its arms while
the hem of the morning shudders the trees

Still now the daylight should be breaking through
The curtain of clouds that hang in my head threatening
Like a storm ready to break out

My soul finds no rest with fear of losing the touch of yours
When our worlds should part
And I must find my way back home

Your wings are so old
Because of all the commotions that agitate your sphere

A circle you wish to break
But that keeps you captive in its arms not willing to break
the anti-mirror of you who aspired a friendly compassionate world

Today you wish to lay your head on a loving spread
Just for a while
To rest

I am too scared to let you rest
Too scared to let you go and do without your love


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