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12 years a slave

door ovlijee

"White man's heaven, black man's hell." Words of the Greatest of all time: the Louisville Lip, better known as Muhammad Ali. "You, white people can't sing the blues, y'all got money, your women don't leave you!"

Another one? "No, we are not brothers, a brother doesn't rape his sister."

What do I want to say? That we, or I, as a white man should feel guilty for the black or African Holocaust? Well, do you or do I, can I live with that guilt? Guilt doesn't kill me, it makes me feel ashamed so that I want to stick my head in the ground like an ostrich, but who's helping that? No, I did not sail those slave ships over the Atlantic, but my material possession has roots in all those exploited countries. And when you are aware of this reality you have the possibility of a choice: close your eyes and live your life, or question your existence and your place on earth.

Believe me, I am only preaching to myself, words are easy if actions or behavior do not follow, and false prophets are the lions in the sheepskin.

I was a little bit unsettled when I read reactions to the review of the movie 12 Years a Slave: people were angry and felt judged. They were defensive and protested against them being held accountable for a crime they did not commit.

In a way they are right, if you do feel sorry for this past of slavery and in the meantime feel sorry for yourself, but don't do jack shit with that self-pity, it does not really matter for those in distress. It reminds me of a Protestant mass I once witnessed; as a Catholic with brainwashed feelings of guilt and false modesty, the message that the other has no use for you when you denigrate yourself, was eye-opening. Honour the strength that is given to you and pass it on to your neighbours.

The theater I watched the movie was full of white people like me, and personally I dislike the advertising before a movie and the noise of popcorn swallowing customers. I mean, who would think this behavior is not disgusting concerning Schindler's List. I mean, o, let's roast some marshmallows and watch a movie about the Shoah!? The first quarter of the movie I almost wanted to leave, because of the noise of food and beverages, but as the story became more grim, an atmosphere took hold of the audience, a certain serenity, and by the end of the film, you could hear sniffing noses and people wiping (not whipping) their tears with their handkerchief.

Yes, it is a disturbing movie, but in a strange way not depressing, and I do not know if people leave the theater out of disgust before the ending. It is your right off course, but the least you can do is sit out the ride, or does you feeling confronted with this dark page of history hurt more than even a single lashing of a whip? The beating with a stick?

I went home by bus and the driver was a black man: when some white thrash got on, I heard them making the remark zwartwerk which is Dutch for black work, meaning somebody who works unofficially and thus without paying taxes on his earnings. Damn that asshole! The guy is working his ass off and still gets this load of shit over his head. I mean I was still emotional because of the movie and really thought of saying something, but what without starting a fight, which solves nothing. And by the way, who am I? I went to our former colony once, the Democratic Republic of Congo, which gave me an incredible boost of energy, but what have I given them back? Yes, I am guilty of the white thieving syndrome as well, but that is my problem not yours. However, if you watch only one movie this year in theater I suggest you watch this one: 12 Years a Slave is quite classic and simple. This is not a complex movie but it is cathartic, which makes it Necessary. It is a Requiem, a prayer, a psalm.
What you do after, is your free choice and right, but if I am judging myself, watching a Bob Marley documentary and listening to reggae music is not enough - and certainly not writing this text. I am too wealthy, too strong and gifted with good fortune for just that. Nothing is more embarrassing than being a greedy dragon indulging in its wealth without investing in what's truly valuable: helping to wipe the 'un' out of the unfortunate.

So help me myself helping not myself ...


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    je bent enkel verantwoordelijk voor de daden die jezelf hebt gedaan en voor de daden die je wist dat ze gebeurde en je niets deed - wat doe je tegen de vrouwenverkrachtingen in IndiŽ koop je nu geen Indische koopwaar meer? Ach, in deze wereld wil iedereen, iedereen verantwoordelijk stellen, dat schuift de eind verantwoordelijkheid bij iedereen ook af en maakt het ons gemakkelijker om te leven. Het hoge gerechtshof is daar een voorbeeld van. Alles heeft een context en alles heeft een reden, maar de grootste reden is - waarom iemand slecht is voor zijn medemens. Jezelf helpen is altijd eenzaam en zeer beperkt - neen, zorg dat je met jezelf in reine bent en je staat al heel wat sterker om een ander te wijzen op zijn tekorten. Vergeet de balk en de splinter niet. Want een scheiding - een relatie die eindigt - op een onfrisse wijze, is mijn inziens veel erger dan de slavernij ooit gebeurd, want wat ik of jij vandaag doe, en hiermee mensen in de vernieling brengt, is mijn inziens veel erger. Deze fb is te klein, ik zal er eens een opinie stuk over schrijven in het NL.
    ovlijee: Dat opiniestuk zal ik zeker lezen dan. Het is inderdaad een moreel vraagstuk: als een meisje alleen het bos ingestuurd wordt waar een moordenaar zit, is de hoofdschuldige altijd diegene die de moord pleegt. Dat staat buiten kijf: de vraag is wat doen we met nalatigheid? Gemakzucht? Maar het gaat inderdaad over het hier en nu, en de toekomst: levenskwaliteit!
  • andremoortgat
    "So help me myself helping not myself .
    You help us to think about my brothers and sisters
    ovlijee: Thank you! I hope I can take it to the next level!
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