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Getekend voor het leven.

door Francis

"Look back in anger"

You know who I am he said.
I m the freak who was an angel, he closed his eyes and moved his lips: It s time we should be going. Waiting so long, I was waiting so long. Look back in anger. Driven by the night, here she comes.

"Scary monsters supercreeps"

When I looked in her eyes, they were blue, but nobody home. She could have been a killer if she didn t walk away, she do. She opens strange doors, we never can close again.
Scary monsters, supercreeps keep me running, running scared.
She asked for my love, and I gave her a dangerous mind, now she's sleeping in the street and she can't socialize. But I love the little girl, and I love her till the day she dies.


I wish, I wish we could swim, like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim

"Joe the lion"

Joe the Lion went to a bar, with a couple of freaks, from the houses, you know, who they are,
when you know it s tomorrow.

"Beauty and the beast"

Nothing to do, nothing to game. Kiss you in the rain, in the rain,
in the rain, Bring me to the doctor!, it s selfprotection
.Don't say no, to the beaty and the beast, Charming,

"Station to station"

I am the thin white duke, throwing darts in lovers eyes

'Golden years."

Don t let me hear you re save lives, taking you nowhere, angel
Nothing s gonna touch you, in these golden years.


Fame, is there anybody wunder, I reject you first. Fame.

"Ashes to ashes"

The little green wings follow me, oh no not again, Im the next, who breaks the ice, Want to come down right now. Ashes to ashes. Funk to funky, we know Major Tom's a junkie, strong out in heavens high, weeping at all time long.

From "Sound and vision"
You re just a little girl with grey eyes, waiting to say something, waiting till the grave cries.

"China girl"

My little china girl, you shouldn t mess with me, I ruin everything you are.
I gave you television. I gave you eyes so blue.
You had a man who wants to rule the world.
I gave you everything you are.
But when I get exited, she just say: just you shut your mouth: sssst.

"Space oddity"

10.9.8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Lift off...
This is Major Tom to ground control: I m stepping throug the door, and I'm floating in a most a perculiar way, and the stars look verry different today.
Ground control to Major Tom, your circuits dead, there s something wrong, can you here me Major Tom?.
Can you here me.....Here am I floating in a tin can, far above the world. Planet earth is blue and there s nothing I can do.

"Red sails"

Red sails, red sails action. red sails, some reaction.
We re going down to the Hinterland, the Hinterland, and its fafafafafar away


This is easy, realism. I ve got a girl out there. I think she s dancing. What do I know?
I am a Dj. I am what I play. I ve got believers, believe in me.
I'm lost and be terrible ill, of night and evening faces. Fast food.

"The man who sold the world"

He said I was his friend, wich came as some suprise, I spoke into his eyes:
I thougt you died alone, a long long time ago.
Oh No, not me, I never lost control.
You re face to face, with the man who sold the world.

"the jean geanie"

Sits like an amber, smiles like a reptile. She loves him, she loves him but just for a short while
She scratch in the sand, let go his hand

"Aladdin Sane"

Who will love: A-Ladd-Insane


I hurt myself today. To see or I still feel. I focus on the pain. The only thing thats real.

Īs there life on Mars?"

Take a look at the lord men, beating on the wrong guy, I wunder if you ever know, its the bestselling show, Is there life on Mars?

(all lines written by D.Bowie and or Brian Eno)
Vooral Bowie, vormde mijn kleuter-puberjaren,
vandaar dit dankbare getuigschrift


feedback van andere lezers

  • Klaver4
    klein stormpie tussen de kiezen ???
    vind het stormachtig, en puur, morgen mss effe nalezen, maar nu kan het voor mij opperbest !! wat het schijt aan vorm en taal op dit moment.
    bowie talking heads en Zappa vind ik wel goe, cataneda is waarschijnlijk een blinde vlek ! :o)
    gr nachtbraker

    Francis: Castaneda is een schrijver zover je me niet in de zeik neem t klaver 4 Maar ikben mn fokking leesbril kwijt dus eh Dan is Engels t makkelijkst, en Bowie verdient wel een beetje aandacht onder de nieuwe generatie, die house worden ze alleen maar achterlijk van ps het zijn alleen oneliners van bowie
  • Magdalena
    Eigenlijk had dit een filmpje moeten zijn, met die muziek. Maar om de een of andere reden lijken de woorden duidelijker als ze neergeschreven zijn.
    Roept wel heimwee op: wij schrijven al eeuwen en eeuwen hetzelfde, alleen maar in andere woordcombinaties...

    veel groetjes
    Francis: Bowie-eno flarden die zijn blijven hangen
    Gr Francis
    en bedankt x
  • maxiem
    it's reading like a train and it could be written like a song... a melody who's find his own way... many greatings maxiem
    Francis: T zijn ook allemaal minisculu gedeelten uit Bowies songs
    die v mij veel betekenen of betekent hebben

    Gr Francis
  • Mistaker
    Herinneringen ja...

    Ik ga een dutje doen. Gisteren was mijn ex jarig, heb hem een berichtje gestuurd maar hij heeft niks laten horen en om de een of andere reden baal ik daarvan. Ach het mooie weer komt eraan...

    Francis: welterusten meisje, laat die (h)exen, dat is 10 x niks
    xx Frans
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