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I Give, Devise and Bequeath (6)

door killea

Deborah Shaw the only child of Martin and Kathleen Shaw, grew up in a street inhabited by many Irish families. Her childhood was very happy with a father who adored his beautiful daughter, and a mother who, though sad that she could not have more children, devoted herself to her daughter. Debby was not lonely. There were many children in the neighbourhood to play with, and she had an inner attraction, and a vital fantasy for games, which made her particularly popular. Her soft voice with a slight Irish lilt was charming, and she would have it all her life. She learnt early on, with her charm she could manipulate adults and children alike. So she would always get what she wanted from her parents with suggestive sweetness, or grand sighs. Friends would steal sweets for her, and later other things when she neared her teens. At school she was a good student, but if she did not have the interest to do her homework, there was always someone who would do it for her. Life was easy and for the taking.

When she turned fifteen, she manipulated her parents with her good-girl and sensible talk to allowing her to start tentative dating. She had had her eye on Marco La Terra since she was barely fourteen and would flash her pretty green eyes at him, and he, so superior and two classes ahead of her would smile flattered, but took no further notice of her. He seemed impervious to her charms. She wrote him a note saying she wanted to meet with him in the park which conveniently separated her street from his. He found the note in his locker, and although he felt he was so much her senior, he nevertheless decided he would go to the park and see what she wanted. Debby took off her uniform and changed into something a little more adult, stuffed her trainer bra with tissues and used a little lipstick, and headed for the park. When she saw him in the distance, her heart skipped a beat. He was so unbelievably handsome, with a dangerous quiet way. His dark hair and strong face made her ache for his attention. She smiled when she approached him just saying, "Hi Marco". "Hi Debby, what's up?" he replied calmly, although all of a sudden his heart was beating overtime. She smiled, "I've known you for four years she said, but you never talk to me and I just wanted to ask whether you have something against me?" "Of course not, silly goose", he replied "Come on let's sit on the bench and you can tell me what this is really about", he cleverly continued. Marco was totally out of his depth with this beautiful, sweet and softly spoken young girl. The only real experience he had with girls were his loudmouthed, disrespectful younger sisters, whom he tried to avoid as much as possible.

"Well, actually, I was wondering if we could go to the pictures some time".
"Yes, we could do that", he replied thinking what a stupid thing to say. Keep calm, Marco, he admonished himself.
"Have you ever kissed a girl?", she was now asking.
"Yes, plenty", he lied.
"I bet you haven't kissed any", she teased, looking up at him with her big eyes.
"I've kissed plenty, shrimp", he repeated.
"Don't call me shrimp, I'm fifteen and a woman", she replied with feigned indignation and quickly added, "Would you like to kiss me".
Marco, thought that is exactly what he would like to do, and moved in a little closer.
His hormones surging through his body. Debby just smiled sweetly at him waiting for him to make the next move, which he did. Clumsily he put his big hands on her shoulder and pulled her towards him and kissed her. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back, opening her mouth slightly as she had read it was done. From then on they met whenever they could, and although they kept their liaison secret for the time being, everyone knew within days that they were an item. In the six months that ensued, they perfected the art of kissing. They would go to the movies, sit right at the back and as soon as the light went out, they would kiss all the way through the movie, knowing as much about the film when they left as when they entered the theatre. Marco's attempts at getting to second base were always thwarted by Becky with her sweet fearful looks and the sanctity of her virginity, something Marco understood through his upbringing, and he honoured it. His love was deep and his fantasies of a long relationship, and young marriage played on his mind.

When the senior prom was a few weeks away, and Becky knew Marco would have to invite a girl from his own class, she discovered something about herself. Jealousy. Not the normal jealousy that can be rationalised and kept under control, but the burning, torturous kind that keeps one awake at night, plotting, planning and panicking; irrational seething and vengeful thoughts clouded her usual sound judgement. When Marco finally asked Isabel Montana, a beautiful Italian girl, to the dance, she was livid, not being able to fathom that her fears were groundless. Marco only had eyes for her. She had heard all the stories of prom night being the night the girls and boys tried to lose their virginity, stories of incidents increasing in absurdity the further they were told, keeping everyone giggling and whispering behind hands, as to who would do it with whom. Some of the girls would be quiet when Becky passed them, and she was sure they had been talking about Marco and Isabel. Outwardly, Becky showed no sign of her anguish, but internally she was a volcano about to erupt. Then just as she was about to lose it completely, a devious plan crept into her mind and calm returned to her with the new focus.

The football team Captain, Michael Shannon, was a tall good looking boy and it was fair to say he was the most popular boy in school. At nearly 18 he could take his pick amongst the girls, except for Becky, who had recently noticed him watching her with which she had not been impressed. Now a week before the prom, she purposely bumped into him in the corridor dropping her books. When he bent down with her to help pick them up she placed her delicate hand on his as if by accident and let it rest there. He looked at her and smiled, and she returned the smile, kept her eyes locked with his.
For another few days she ran into him and each time they flirted and brushed against each other. Marco was blissfully unaware of his love's betrayal. Michael who had secretly wanted Becky and her refusal to even glance at him, spurred his interest. He thought he would never get a chance with this beautiful creature, but here she was giving him the come-on as good as he had ever wished for. He ventured to ask her out for a date, despite knowing she was still seeing Marco. When she agreed he asked her to name a date. When she gave the date of the prom night, he laughed and said he had invited Angela Wright, and he couldn't take a junior to the ball anyway. She looked at him and spoke in her soft seductive voice, it was that night or never, her whole body language giving him to understand that it truly was that night or never, promising the ultimate. To be sure he blatantly asked whether he should book a room, still smiling, in case there was a misunderstanding. Becky just gave a slight nod. Michael said , "Okay baby, but you better make it worth my while if I'm gonna miss the prom!". "I will" , she said so sweetly, and walked away. He watched her, and thought fuck the prom. Becky caught up with Marco outside; he beamed when he saw his beloved girl and off they went.

Michael who had called Angela to say he couldn't make it because he was not well, and had to rest for the important last match of the season, met Becky on prom night at the corner of her block. She got in his car. Her blood was boiling with such jealousy, that she kissed Michael on the lips, using all the skills she had acquired with Marco. Michael put the car in gear and with screeching wheels headed for the motel he had booked. Once in the room they fell onto each other on the bed and Michael went all the places Marco was forbidden to touch. Becky's rage turned into a passion of sorts, and before she was even undressed completely, Michael had slipped on a condom and entered her sanctity, broke through her hymen and within a couple of minutes it was over. Becky smiled at him, trying not to laugh aloud, then she said, "Is that what all the fuss is about?, do hurry and get dressed and drive me home." He looked at her with surprise. "I've paid for the room for four hours!" , he said. "You don't think I would want to do that again", she scoffed, and turned around grabbing her jacket. "I'll wait for you in the car" and she was gone. He lay there for a few more seconds, not really knowing what just happened. Then he got dressed muttering to himself what a bitch she was. He dropped her off at her house and without another word Becky went inside. Michael shaking his head drove off, thinking of payback. Tomorrow at school he would tell everyone who wanted to hear that he had scored with her.

Becky, stayed at home the next day and the rest until end of term, telling her parents she was ill. She phoned her best friend to tell her, that her date with Michael had gone horribly wrong without giving details, and that she only loved Marco. Lovely Marco, how could she have done this to him. She would not be able to look into his eyes again. Sanity and practicality had returned. One day later she learned that Michael had had a horrible accident and both his legs were broken in several places and she smiled to herself.

She never saw Marco again, and life went on.


feedback van andere lezers

  • Mephistopheles
    Life does go on, and I hope the same will be the case with your story.
    Thumbs up!
    killea: Thank you, Bert
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